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Pavitra S. Kumar

Our Story

I’m Pavitra Sanath Kumar, a Sustainable Architectural Designer, with 7+ years of experience in planning and implementation of residential and commercial projects. 

I graduated from R.V.College of Engineering, India with a Bachelors of Architecture, following which I got my Masters in Sustainable Environmental Design at Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture, London. My journey in this space has been strongly influenced by experiences and appreciation of environmental impact on design.  Form follows function, but function itself is dictated by the elemental factors of nature. During my undergraduate program, I did an internship at Team Architrave, Sri Lanka. Moving to a new country, pressure-testing my comfort and constraints, the people and landscape taught me to harmonize environment and utility, and simply deepened the belief I had in environment-conscious architecture. 

​During my Masters, my research titled "Learning from Traditional Perforated Screens (Jaali) of India" was published in the PLEA Year book(Passive & Low Energy Architecture) and I presented it in their conference at Bologna, Italy. 

I have always been a person that never curbed my passion from growing in multiple directions- Parallel to my graduate program, I was working on a few institutional projects in India. Having grown up in a family with special accessibility needs, I was also a consulting architect for a non-profit organization in Mauritius called GFR, on a movement called "Simple Access for people with special requirements (disabilities) in public spaces and buildings" (2016-2018).I’m really proud of the work I did in this part of my life, where we made places of learning and worship truly, universally accessible.

I started my own practice in India called The Cosmic Habitat with a small team of interns and junior architects. We took up small to large scale projects with a strong commitment to environmental design, while balancing functional and financial constraints.. 

Apart from advancing my career, to also learn and work with varied clients, I most recently worked as a Senior Architect at a Sustainable Design firm called Midori Architects at Chennai, India. This role offered me an opportunity to mentor and lead a team of junior architects on several zero-carbon energy efficient projects. I played a pivotal role in the firm’s first LEED-Platinum certification for a multi-storey residence. 

If each stage of my academic and professional journey is sliced, it is shaped by people, nature and my passion to do what I enjoy doing. I am really excited and looking forward to my journey in the US, to learn, unlearn and do. 


Published Research as a part of MSc Sustainable Design, AA School of architecture, London. Findings of this research was also presented in the PLEA'15 conference in Bologna, Italy.

2022-02-03 (2)_edited.jpg

The firm's recent gated community project that involved Master Planning following the Guidelines of the Department of Town and Country Planning, India. 

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